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What's New on PE CentralWelcome to the premier site for health & physical education teachers, parents and students. Our goal is to provide the latest information about developmentally appropriate physical education programs for children. To motivate children, we offer our innovative Log It Program and the popular Cooperative Fitness & Skills Challenges. We have over 2200 published lesson ideas, best practices and assessments. Our site is guided by 125 Managing Editors and Advisory Board Members who have over 2300 years K-12 physical education teaching experience. We hope you share your ideas with us! Updated: 4-21-14

Physical Literacy! Learn about it NOW!
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Part I: Introduction to Physical and Health Literacy

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Kids Quote of the Week

On St.Patrick's Day, and after tying a first graders shoes several times, I asked,"What is going on with your shoes today?" He replied, "It's okay, it must be the leprechauns. They have been playing tricks on me all day."

Submitted by Kristin Warburton who teaches at Saint Benedict Academy in Manchester, NH.

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